Media tour of the Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation in Oman

Dr. Hanan Fayadh and Dr. Imtenan Samadi of the media committee held several cultural events in order to present the fourth edition of the Award, its objectives and vision, and an update on the developments that took place after the preliminary screening process. This visit was part of the cooperation between the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman.

The first event was attended by many translators from Al-Nadwah Center for Translation. Dr. Fayadh gave a detailed presentation of the Sheikh Hamad Award, and discussed with the audience how this modern translation center could become an important cultural project.

The lecture was followed by a cultural symposium titled "Literary Translation, Reality and Ambition" at the Cultural Club. Dr. Imtenan Samadi talked about the Arab experience in transmitting the civilizations of others, which was key to the renaissance of the Arab nation, and she explained the importance of translation as language contributes to the elaboration of thought.


At the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Muscat, the media Committee of the Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding held a seminar with a number of translators and persons interested by the field of translation as well as business owners. Saleh bin Jumaa Al Balushi, Assistant of General Director for Branch Affairs, emphasized the importance of translation in the transfer of science and arts and in building bridges between civilizations. He also addressed the issues faced by the translation's activities, such us the lack of support for institutions and individuals, which heavily affected the cultural and scientific production throughout the Arab world.


After this visit, a special meeting was held with H.E. Dr. Abdullah Al-Harazi, President of the General Authority for Radio and Television, who welcomed the media team, and stressed the importance of the Award. The program concluded with a meeting with poet Saif al-Rahbi, editor of Nazwa magazine, who also pointed out the importance of supporting translation.

During an interview on Amman TV, Dr. Fayadh presented the Award and the preliminary screening's results of the fourth season where the participation rose by more than thirty percent compared to the last season. The final results will be announced in Doha, on December 12.