Media tour of the Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation in Jordan

The delegation of the Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding concluded on Saturday 9 of March, a tour in the Kingdom of Jordan for the promotion of the fifth season of the Award.

The tour included seminars and lectures in a number of Jordanian universities, along with cultural forums where the vision of the award, its objectives, and this year's new languages ​​were presented.

The media spokesperson, Dr. Hanan Fayyad, told the Petra news agency at the end of the tour that there was a strong interaction over the past days between the Award and the educational and cultural institutions in the Kingdom, as well as professors and academics in translation science.

She praised the Jordanian translators' efforts in carrying out important works that enrich the cultural landscape through distinguished associations, in order to enable local and Arab readers gain access to valuable human knowledge.

She pointed out the distinguished Jordanian award winner in 2015, Dr. Fāyiz Ṣuyyāgh for his translation of The Age of Extremes and the Jordanian members of the Award, represented, among others, by Dr. Imtinan Al-Samadi in the Media Committee.

Dr. Imtinan Al-Samadi called on the translators and their professors to apply in the various categories of the award. She stressed the fact that the Award aims at establishing a culture of knowledge and dialogue, spreading the Arab and Islamic culture, and enhancing the role of translation in promoting peace, spreading knowledge and emphasizing the translator's role in bringing cultures together.

It is noteworthy that the Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding was founded in 2015, in order to encourage translation between the Arabic language and a variety of other languages. For the session of 2019, the Russian language was selected as the second language, along with five new languages ​​in the achievement category, namely Uzbek, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Somali and Malayalam.