In the category of achievement: (200,000 USD)

Al-Munaẓẓamah al-`Arabīyah li-al-Tarjamah (The Arab Organization for Translation)

Founded in 1999, the Arab Organization for Translation has published over 300 high quality translations from their original languages and in different fields of knowledge. The Organization was chosen honoring the efforts of all those who administered it since its foundation as well as all the translators who cooperated with it.


In the category Arabic to English:

First prize:

Geert Jan van Gelder and Gregor Schoeler for their translation of the Epistle of Forgiveness by al-Ma`arrī. New York University Press, 2013.  (100,000 USD)

Professor van Gelder was Laudian Professor of Arabic Studies at Oxford and is a member of the British Academy and the Dutch Academy.

Professor Schoeler is an honorary Professor at the University of Basel and taught previously at the Sorbonne.


Second prize:

shared by Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee for his translation of The Reconciliation of the Fundamentals of Islamic Law by al-Shāṭibī. Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Thani Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization and Garnet Publishing, 2014. (30,000 USD)

And Issa Boullata for his translation of The Unique Necklace by Ibn `Abd Rabbihi. Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Thani Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization and Garnet Publishing, 2012. (30,000 USD)

Professor Nyazee is emeritus professor, International Islamic University in Islamabad and a specialist in Islamic finance.

Professor Boullata is emeritus professor, McGill University and is a specialist in Arabic literature.


Third prize:

Ferial Ghazoul and John Verlenden for their translation of Chronicles of Majnun Layla and Selected Poems. Syracuse University Press, 2014. (40,000 USD)

Ferial Ghazoul is professor and chair of the Department of English and Comparative literature at the American University of Cairo and has translated a number of works from Arabic into English.

Johan Verlenden taught at the American University of Cairo and has translated a number of Arabic works of poetry and prose into English.


In the category English to Arabic:

First prize:

Imām `Abd al-Fattāḥ Imām for his translation of Multicultural Odysseys by Will Kymlicka. `Ālam al-Ma`rifah, Kuwait, 2011. (100,000 USD)

Imām `Abd al-Fattāḥ Imām is emeritus professor, `Ayn Shams University, Egypt. He has written and translated many philosophical works and is known for his work on the Hegelian Encyclopedia.


Second prize:

Fāyiz Ṣuyyāgh for his translation of The Age of Extremes by Eric Hobsbawm. The Arab Organization for Translation, Beirut, 2011. (60,000 USD)

Fāyiz Ṣuyyāgh is a poet, critic, and translator from Jordan. He translated three other works by Hobsbawm.


Third prize:

shared by Aḥmad Sālim Sālim `Alī `Īsā for his translation of A History of Egypt in the Middle Ages by Stanley Lane-Poole. Lebanese Egyptian Publishing House, Cairo, 2014. (20,000 USD)

And Aḥmad Ḥasan al-Ma`īnī for his translation of The Persians: Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran by Homa Katouzian. Jadawil Publishers, Beirut, 2014. (20,000 USD)

Aḥmad Sālim Sālim `Alī `Īsā is a historian specialized in the Ottoman period.

Aḥmad Ḥasan al-Ma`īnī is a young Omani translator who founded the first electronic site in Oman for book reviews.


In the category Arabic to Turkish:

First prize:

Muhammet Ҫelik for his translation of al-`aql al-akhlāqī al-`Arabī by Muḥammad `Ābid al-Jābirī. Mana Yayinlari-Istanbul, 2015.  (100,000 USD)

Muhammet Ҫelik teaches at Marmara University in Istanbul.


Second prize:

Osman Guman for his translation of Dalāil al-i`jāz by `Abd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī. Turkiye Yazma Eserler Kurumu Baskanligi-Istanbul, 2015.   (60,000 USD)

Osman Guman is an assistant professor at Sakriya University in Turkey and is a specialist in Islamic Studies.


Third prize:

Ömer Türker for his translation of Sharḥ al-mawāqif by al-Sharīf al-Jurjānī. Turkiye Yazma Eserler Kurumu Baskanligi-Istanbul, 2015. (40,000)

Ömer Türker is a professor at Marmara University, Istanbul and has translated many philosophical works from Arabic notably al-Shifā by Ibn Sīnā.


In the category Turkish to Arabic:

First prize:

Fazel Bayat for his translation and editing of al-Bilād al-`Arabīyah fī al-wathāiq al-`Uthmānīyah (four volumes). IRCICA, Istanbul, 2010-2015. (100,000 USD)

Fazel Bayat Taught at Baghdad University then at different universities in Jordan. He is presently a researcher at IRCICA, Istanbul.


Second prize:

`Abd al-Qādir `Abdallī for his translation of the novel Huzur by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar. Arab Publishers for the Sciences, Beirut, 2011.  (60,000 USD)

`Abd al-Qādir `Abdallī is a Syrian translator who has translated over fifty books from Turkish into Arabic.


Third prize:

Ṣafwān Shalabī for his translation of a collection of Turkish short stories La wujūd limāyud`ā bilghad. Dar Faḍā’āt, Amman, 2014. (40,000 USD)

Ṣafwān Shalabī is a Jordanian translator who translated works of fiction especially by Turkish women writers.